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Jake Aldridge

Jake Aldridge
Jake Aldridge
August 12, 1989
Birth Place
Village of Reydon, Suffolk, UK.

Jake Aldridge  Biography

30 year old Jake Aldridge was born and raised in the village of Reydon, situated in Suffolk, UK. As the middle child of three, Jake grew up in a loving family; his parents met one and other when they were 11 years old and were very much in love. Though the family were far from wealthy, life was near on perfect for Jake. That all changed however, in August 1999 when Jake was 11 years old. Whilst out on a family Fishing trip, his Father was tragically struck by Lightning and sadly, passed away. This life-changing event, eventually led Jake down the path of Songwriting.

For some time, Jake struggled to come to terms with the loss of his Father. As a frustrated and angry teenager, he became antisocial, taking his anger out on those who crossed him. When Jake turned 17, he was itching for ways to express himself and his feelings. He found comfort in writing his thoughts down on paper. To begin with, his notes were in the form of a diary and he soon began rhyming the words he was writing. In time, his diary transformed itself into a book of poems.

Inspired by ‘Rap’ Music, Jake’s method of performing these rhymes seemed like an easy choice to make. He spent hours writing his feelings down, rhyming words and memorising them. He had dreams of one day becoming as big as Tupac Shakur, Dr Dre, 50 Cent and other Rappers he was inspired by.

One night, after a few too many drinks, Jake surprised two of his closest friends by performing his Raps to them for the first time. The pair were stunned and possibly, even impressed. They were both incredibly supportive and encouraging towards his lyrics. One of the friends Jake performed to, was Tom Moran. Tom had some musical experience after years of playing the drums. Keen to help out, he began working closely with Jake, providing beats to back up Jake’s Raps. They purchased a desktop microphone for £12 and used a sock (a relatively clean one) to act as a Pop Shield. After hours of practice, angry neighbours banging at the door, and several of Jake’s cremated Pizzas, the pair produced demo CD’s and passed them onto friends around town. the Boys had dreams of landing a deal with the likes of Dr Dre, Eminem & 50 Cent. There was literally only ONE problem…. Jake couldn’t rap in time with the music…..

“Despite being a confident lyricist, I couldn’t feel the music in those early days… I literally had no rhythm”.

Unlike many musicians, music wasn’t in Jake’s blood so ‘feeling’ the music never came naturally to him. His skills at that time were purely in his ability to write lyrics. It was at this point that both Jake and Tom realised there was a lot of hard work ahead. Jake recalls Tom playing an instrumental of his favourite rap song at the time, (‘Hate It Or Love it’ by ‘The Game’) Tom asked Jake to rap their lyrics along to the backing track. Despite Jake’s familiarity with the song, he was all over the place !! Once Tom had picked himself back up off the floor from laughing so much, the pair set to work on learning the basics – How to feel the beat and the rhythm of the music.

Jake dropped out of college to pursue his music but soon realised it was unrealistic to think he was going to be an overnight success and in his Mothers words he was “No Eminem”. Facing reality, he had no choice but to find himself a job.

During this time, Jake hooked up with Wesley Hurr, a local Drum & Bass Producer. Despite being on minimum wage, Jake spent his earnings paying Wesley to teach him about Music production. During this period, Jake became friendly with George Bennett, a fantastic Guitarist who had expressed an eagerness to collaborate. George was instrumental in helping Jake learn how to rap in time with the music. As well as being a keen Guitarist, George was also an up and coming Graphics/Website designer, who also had experience in shooting video footage as well. In 2009, George filmed Jake’s first ever music video for a track titled ‘Louise’. Jake wrote the song for his Mum as a way of thanking her for all that she had done for him and his two siblings after their Father had passed away. The video was uploaded online and was incredibly well received and supported by the local people who already knew Jake’s story. By this point, Jake had his own website and as his music progressed, he began to gain support from a growing number of fans online. Despite ‘BBC Introducing’ Presenters typically only playing acts who were based in their respective counties, Jake’s music was played on dozens of their shows.



As Jake’s skills developed, his music was evolving. He was beginning to establish new relationships, and initiated collaborations with Music Producers from all around the world. Jake’s productions, intern with his fan base, was growing rapidly. In 2011 to Jake’s delight, he was approached by a Film Production Company (Rataplan films) about the possibility of shooting a music video for him. Rataplan ended up producing videos for Jake which were filmed all over the UK. The professional productions elevated his brand to whole new level.

Towards the end of 2012, whilst searching for new producers on SoundCloud, Jake stumbled accross Sam Hadfield’s profile. Sam was a young and enthusiastic producer, who was writing original tracks, seamlessly blending Hip Hop with R&B. Throughout 2013, the pair worked so closely together and jokingly began referring to themselves as ‘Batman and Robin’.



“I Remember telling my house mates that I’d heard back from the Director of Playboy TV, I don’t think either of them believed me”.

Sam was studying for a music degree at Bucks New University, in High Wycombe. The huge benefit of this was that Sam was able to hire out the Universities amazing recording studios free of charge. The pair took took full advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Jake travelled down from Suffolk on numerous occasions to record more and more songs. The dynamic duo went on to have huge success with two of their tracks being signed to air on Playboy TV in an ongoing deal. This felt like a huge milestone for Jake. Only a few years after not even being able to nod his head in time with a drum beat, he was hearing his Music on the TV in his Living Room. Playboy posted links from their website to Jake’s, drawing more and more traffic and interest to his music.

One of Jake’s songs (I’ll Be There) was later played on the BBC Introducing Mixtape on Radio 6 Music, a show which is hosted by Tom Robinson. This was the biggest station to have ever played Jake’s music and he was overwhelmed to have it aired by such a big name in the music industry. In the same year, Jake entered one of his songs into a ‘feature’ competition which was held by the Chicago based Music Blog – ‘Daily Hip Hop Jamz’. To Jake’s amazement, he received the most votes and in doing so, became the first artist outside of the U.S to ever win the competition.

“I always wanted to shoot a music video abroad and it felt so good to actually be doing it”

Eager to build on the momentum he was gaining, Jake decided that he wanted to shoot a new music video. Unlike his six previous videos however, he wanted this one to be extra special. He set his sights on shooting a music video abroad, and decided to do so with a song called ‘Give You The World’. After reaching out to Rataplan Films once more, Jake saved up his pennies and had the music video filmed in Spain. He wanted guaranteed sunshine and to do something special for his core supporters. Jake made the decision to have his at the time girlfriend Kelly Brooks, feature in the video to uphold the authenticity he always seeks in his music. Once the video had been edited and released, fans and journalists were shocked to see an unsigned artist had gone all the way to Spain just to shoot a Music Video. The video was featured on numerous Music blogs all over the internet, as the buzz around Jake’s music continued to grow.

Jake later released a song called ‘Illogical’, which received interest from several indie Record Labels and is currently being promoted by Claudia E Records. Jake sent the song to the South African based Zone Radio, and despite the station’s lack of interest in Hip-Hop music, the stations Music Director said that he enjoyed the track so much, he wanted to add it to the station’s Top 40 charts to see how it would fare. Astonishingly, The track went to #1 after just a couple of weeks in the chart. The song was also played on BBC Radio Wiltshire, BBC Radio Gloucester, BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Radio Somerset.

Jake went on to release ‘Fireman’ a follow up song to ‘Give You The World’, along with a new music video to help tie it all together. The song/video was picked up by Sound Net, who distributed it to 2,000 UK Bars, Clubs and Hotels via their Jukebox.



Jake’s Music later fell into the hands of Craig Avery, a Presenter at Channel Radio. After interviewing Jake and watching him perform Live on his show, Craig introduced Jake’s Music to Maria Kempinska. Maria is the founder of independent Record Label DingWalls Music and is known for discovering Ellie Goulding. Maria invited Jake to perform in a Showcase at the Hippodrme in London Leicester Square, Jake was thrilled to perform at such a prestigious event and to have the opportunity to stand on the last stage that Prince ever performed on. The Showcase was attended by Billie Laurie, an Award Winning Producer who has worked with the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, The Bee Gees & Tina Turner. Billie said that Jake “definitely has hit songs” and expressed an interest in working with him. The gig was also televised, marking Jake’s first ever appearance on Sky TV.

In 2017, the Urban Pop Artist joined forces with Tiger Blue PR, who are now representing Jake and are seeking placements for his music in Magazines, Blogs and Radio Stations, as well as organising interviews and Photo Shoots for him. Amazingly, Tiger Blue PR have arranged for Jake to perform alongside legendary R&B Singer TQ in April 2018 and are continuing to pitch Jake’s Music as he continues to grow his brand and develop his sound.

“It was like being at the Brit Awards or something”.

In September 2017, Jake was later nominated for an NMG Award by Cambridge 105 FM and was selected for their Urban & Electronic category. The Awards ceremony took place at the Corn Exchange, Cambridge. Jake was humbled to have even been invited to the event and was proud to see so many amazing performances by incredible musicians from across East Anglia. Jake didn’t win the Urban & Electronic category, but did come first place In the ‘Audience Choice’ category and was stunned to have even made the top 5, let alone to have actually won it. It was a testament to how far he had come in his Music career and also a testament to his amazing fan base.

At the beginning of 2018, Jake set to work on incorporating elements Country Music, a genre he has become a big fan of, into his own music. Jake reached out to Andy Whitmore and enquired about the possibility of working with him. Andy is a very well established Music Producer who has 14 top ten UK hits to his name. He’s worked with Artist’s such as Elton John, Lemar and Soul II Soul. Jake met Andy at Greystoke Studio and began work on their first single together.

Meanwhile, Jake’s music has been selected by the editors of Road Trip Nation, a TV series based in the U.S. Jake’s Music for his song ‘When I’m Feeling Down’ has been chosen to feature as the music to be playing In the introduction of each of the episodes from their new series ‘Setting Course’.



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